Dividend History

Per share Baht Total Value Baht Book Closure Payable Date
Interim Dividend Dec 2011 0.58 455,153,691 1 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011
Final Dividend Sep 2012 0.0274 21,505,190 31 Jan 2013 22 Feb 2013
Per share USD Total Value USD Book Closure Payable Date
Final Dividend Sep 2013 0.0086 12,152,497 05 Feb 2014 21 Feb 2014
Final Dividend Sep 2014 0.0047 6,641,481 05 Feb 2015 23 Feb 2015
Final Dividend Dec 2014 0.0040 5,653,315 11 May 2015 20 May 2015

Note :

The cash Dividend shall be paid in Thai Baht. As a result, the equivalent of any dividends in Singapore dollars, U.S. dollars or other foreign currencies will be affected by changes in the exchange rate between the Baht and Singapore dollar, the Baht and the U.S. dollar or other foreign currencies. The entitled shareholders whose shares are held through CDP will receive their Dividend through CDP in Singapore Dollars. Mermaid shall make the necessary arrangement to convert the Dividend entitlement into Singapore Dollars before transferring to CDP's designated bank account for further distribution to the entitled shareholders.

It is to be noted that neither Mermaid nor CDP will be liable for any loss whatsoever arising from the conversion of the Dividend entitlement of the shareholders holding their shares through CDP from Thai Baht into the Singapore Dollar equivalent.