'Mermaid Sapphire' successfully launched at Jaya's shipyard in Batam, Indonesia.

Mermaid is pleased to advise that its newbuild DP2 vessel 'Mermaid Sapphire' was successfully launched from the slipway into the water at 23:20 hrs on 07 August 2009 at Jaya Shipbuilding & Engineering Pte. Ltd.'s shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. The launching represents a significant step towards the completion of the vessel scheduled for delivery to Mermaid within the fourth calendar quarter of 2009. The 'Mermaid Sapphire' is a 63-meter DP2 vessel to be equipped with a full suite of remote intervention equipment for sub-sea and ROV survey. Mermaid had previously announced the purchase of this vessel on 06 December 2007 via SGXNET.