Mermaid Organizes Successful Company Visit for Investors

Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited (“Mermaid”) is pleased to announce that it had successfully organized a company visit for our Thai and overseas based analysts and investors on 23 March 2012 at our operational headquarters at Pinthong, Thailand.

This visit is part of our ongoing efforts to educate investors and stakeholders about Mermaid's business activities, and provide better insights into our fleet assets, technical competencies and operational capabilities. During the visit, investors also had the opportunity to meet some of Mermaid's key executives to discuss matters concerning Mermaid on an informal basis. A brief presentation on Mermaid's business was delivered at the meeting followed by a question and answer session. This was then followed by a demonstration of our remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) capabilities and a visit onboard the M.V. 'Mermaid Commander', where investors were briefed on the various aspects of our saturation diving operations, equipment and safety procedures.

For investors who did not attend the recent Shareholders' Forum in Singapore, this was also the first time they were introduced to the new Chief Executive Officer of Mermaid, Mr. Bruce M. Gemmell who joined the company on 16 January 2012.

"We are committed to timely and relevant information disclosure to our shareholders, and wherever possible, to go beyond our regulatory requirements to provide our stakeholders with information on the company. This successful visit is one such example of how we can provide investors with deeper insights into our operations" said Mr. Gemmell.

For more information on this visit and related information, please contact our Investor Relations Officer, Mr. Howard Woon at