(Built in 1981 and upgraded in 1997 and 2007)

The 'MTR-2' is a tender assist drilling rig also with an extensive service record. It is uniquely characterized by its light weight drilling package that is suitable for light weight platforms in the South East Asian region. In addition, it has the ability to deliver fast rig-up time for its drilling package compared to other tender rigs thus offering cost savings to oil and gas majors. It also has an excellent track record for efficiency, safety and reliability and has completed several successful campaigns in Thailand and Indonesia. This rig is ideal for drilling on light weight platforms in South East Asia and West Africa and has a water depth rating of 100 meters on conventional mooring and 680 meters on pre-laid mooring, a drilling depth rating of 5,500 meters and accommodation for 126 personnel. The 'MTR-2' is ABS classed and flies the Thai flag.

Technical Sheet