The core team at Mermaid Subsea Services have a successful history in coastal and inshore marine and civil construction operations dating back to 1985. This capable team and the comprehensive array of in-house marine construction equipment, vessels and project as well as engineering support provide a prospective client with a “one-stop-shop” for all of your submarine flexible product transport and installation requirements.

Projects are often difficult, requiring operations in extreme environmental conditions with complex logistics and stringent design criteria. In addition to these challenges there are generally always specific client requirements which often mean tight time frames which impact the overall field development aspects of any project. The key to successful project execution with these parameters in mind is clear – an experienced and knowledgeable project team. This is what Mermaid Subsea Services will offer: an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated project team focused on your projects success

Our team will walk with you every step of the way from the pre-engineering phase right through to final acceptance. We operate in accordance with the highest standards set by the offshore oil and gas industry.

Submarine Flexible Products Installation Services

  • Installation Engineering
  • Cable transportation
  • Surveys
  • Cable installation complete with accessories (deep and shallower water)
  • Shore and Platform Cable Pull Ins
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of subsea cables

Marine Spread and Construction Equipment

The marine spreads utilized by Mermaid Subsea Services vary from offshore lay barges to DP III Class construction and dive vessels.

  • Group owned vessels
  • Shallow water/shallow draft workboats and pontoons
  • Dive support and SRP boats

Mermaid Subsea Services Operates and owns a wide range of cable handling and storage equipment

  • Cable drums and static coils
  • Cable guiding/diverting systems and cable track ways
  • Linear- and Bow Cable Engines combined or as single units
  • Cable trenching tools to 3.o meters depth
  • Trenching grapnel/route clearance tools
  • Lift bags, cable floatation and buoyancy aids
  • Cable pull in winches and beach wheel