We offer clients a comprehensive range of subsea solutions

  • Dive Intervention (air, mixed gas and saturation) for inshore and offshore operations
  • Subsea infrastructure installation support
  • Subsea project management services
  • Subsea salvage and decommissioning support
  • Comprehensive ROV services including deep and ultra-deepwater operations
  • Subsea technical and logistical support
  • Subsea repairs, inspections and maintenance,
  • Subsea emergency “Call Out” service
  • Subsea engineering services which includes emergency call out services using a combination of air/saturation diving and ROV services.

Typical subsea engineering work undertaken

  • Inspection and nondestructive testing of submerged parts of offshore structures and vessels.
  • Inspection of oil and gas pipelines systems on the seabed.
  • Repair of any underwater subsea pipe systems and structures
  • Offshore tie-ins
  • Salvage and underwater repairs
  • Marine growth removal and cleaning